Large Group Dining

At Cleburne Cafeteria, we take pride in offering the finest and freshest homestyle meals. But that's not all—we're also the perfect destination for hassle-free group dining. With ample seating space, separate checks, and a quick ordering and serving process, Cleburne Cafeteria is designed to accommodate tour groups, convention visitors, and anyone looking for an easy, no-hassle group dining experience.

Reservations Not Required

No need to book in advance, just pull in with your large group. We're ready to serve you at a moment's notice.


Convenient and hassle-free parking for your group. We have ample parking available for both cars and buses.

Quick & Easy Ordering Process

Enjoy a seamless dining experience with your group. Separate checks can be easily accommodated.


We can accommodate groups of 50-100 people. We have spacious seating arrangements for big gatherings of all kinds.
Simply call and ask for the manager to secure your 2-hour lunch or dinner.