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Yes! We will be taking pre-orders for the Holidays! Please call us at 713.667.2386 for more information. Because we want your holiday order to be just right, we would prefer that you come in and place your orders in person, at the Cleburne Cafeteria. All Thanksgiving & Christmas pre-orders must be placed by the Monday prior to the holiday to guarantee availability. Thank you!

Quarts serve 5-6 people
56 oz.Pans serve 7-8 people
Large Serving Pan $56.00 serves 35-40 (vegetables only)
Small Serving Pan $36.00 serves 20 (vegetables only)
Turkey $16.95 / lb.
Ham $14.95 / lb.
All Veggies/Sides $14.95 / qt.
$19.95 / 56 oz. pan
Side Options: Baked Squash, Green Bean Casserole, Baked Corn, Macaroni & Cheese, Candied Yams, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, & Baked Spinach
Dressing $10.95 / qt.
Salad $14.95 / qt.
Gravy $9.95 / qt.
Cranberry Sauce $14.95 / qt.
Whole Fruit Pie $19.95
Options: Pumpkin, Apple, Cherry, Dutch Apple, Lemon Chess, & Sweet Potato
Meringue Pie $19.95
Options: Chocolate, Coconut, & Lemon
Ice Box Pie $26.00
Options: Chocolate or Coconut
Pecan Pie $19.95
Small Cake $49.00
Options: German Chocolate, Yellow Cake with Strawberries, Lemon Cake, & Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing
Whole Lemon Pound Cake $30.95
Muffins $14.95 / dozen
Bread $9.25 / dozen

Ordering Details

Please come in to see us to place your order, or call 713.667.2386 for more information.

Also, please place your order on the Monday prior to the holiday for guaranteed availability. Thank you!
Thanksgiving Day
11am - 8pm

Christmas Eve
11am - 2:30pm

Christmas Day
11am - 8pm

New Year's Day
11am - 8pm Call to Place Your Order713-667-2386
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