Holiday Take Out Menu

All item availability is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
Limited quantities available.
All Vegies/Sides $14.75 / qt.
$19.75 / 56 oz. pan
Dressing $10.75 / qt.
Salad $14.75 / qt.
Gravy $9.75 / qt.
Turkey $14.95 / lb.
Ham $12.95 / lb.
Cranberry Sauce $14.75 / qt.
Whole Fruit Pie $19.75
Meringue Pie $19.75
Ice Box Pie $25.00
Pecan Pie $19.75
Small Cake $46.00
Whole Pound Cake $29.95
Muffins $14.25 / dozen
Bread $9.00 / dozen

Ordering Details

If you want to order a Holiday Meal for your family we will not be taking pre-orders this year, but we will have plenty of food available on a first-come-first-serve basis. The only thing we will not be serving is whole turkeys this year.
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Thanksgiving Day
11am - 8pm

Christmas Eve
11am - 2:30pm

Christmas Day
11am - 8pm

New Year's Day
11am - 8pm Call to Place Your Order713-667-2386
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Now Open

Sun – Fri 11AM – 7:30PM
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