Always Fresh

We go to the farmer's market every day to bring you the absolute freshest vegetables possible, many times organically grown. All of our fresh, hand selected genuine USDA choice beef is cut, trimmed and ground in house daily by our very own butcher. All of our poultry is delivered fresh daily on ice. It is all natural and never injected with any hormones or additives. Many of our seafood selections are hand picked by us, delivered fresh every morning and filleted in house. When available, we always use wild salmon. All of our pies, cakes, cobblers, puddings and tarts are made fresh daily. Our rolls, cornbread and muffins are baked fresh every 30 minutes. We never use anything imitation. Everything served by the Cleburne Cafeteria® is prepared from scratch in our own kitchen daily, by cooks that have been with our family for many years.